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SIGN UP! How branding can make your place of business more profitable

SIGN UP! How branding can make your place of business more profitable


Six tips for how to make the most of your signage opportunities

What value can signage add to a business? To find out, the non-profit Signage Foundation commissioned a scientific study through the University of San Diego. It focused on signs at a large fast food chain, a national home décor retailer and auto dealers—all located within a major metropolitan city.

Among the study’s findings? The addition of just one new building sign, pole sign, or freestanding multi-tenant sign adds between 5 and 15 percent to a site’s sales revenues! Some of the greatest increases came when the retailer added a new sign to a side of the building that previously had no signage. Not surprisingly, lower-performing stores benefited most from these additions.

If adding signage to your store, follow these six best practices:

  1. Information is integral. The best signage not only enables people to know your location—it lets them know the nature of your business. For many, it also serves as a valuable form of advertising.
  2. Positioning is paramount. The principal consideration in site branding is where to put up your signage. A poorly placed sign could potentially defeat its main purpose. The most common placement of signage is on rooftops, the walls of the building, on awnings or in front of the structure.
  3. Visibility is vital. Be sure there are no trees, overgrown shrubs or other impediments that could block the view of your signage to pedestrians or passing motorists. Of course, for many businesses signs should not only be visible during the day—they should also be illuminated at night and maximize their efficacy.
  4. Readability is required. Signs should be readable even from afar, making the size and font of the text important. Contrast is also key. Letters and numerals have to stand out from their background for optimum readability by passersby and drivers.
  5. Brevity is best. A key communication tool, your signage must be able to efficiently convey the message you want to get across. Don’t try to say too much. Keep everything short and concise to create the desired impact—and deliver the intended message.
  6. Disrepair is damaging. Through inattention, some businesses allow their signs to become dilapidated. This is a big blunder if you want to exude a highly capable image. Taking it a step beyond regular maintenance, you may want to update your signs periodically. This will regenerate consumer interest and reinforce the impression that your company is professional and keeping pace with your industry.

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